I've always been sensitive to foods and products, but when pregnant with my daughter, ellie, I noticed even more that the foods I was eating and the products touching my skin affected my body and moods. I started to truly pay attention to all the products I was using, which always smelled great, but weren’t great for my body or my baby. from that day forward, I knew I needed to start from scratch! 

the inspiration for sunday vibez essentials was to create a clean, natural, and fun company made with love for my daughter! I know we all have a million thoughts going through our minds on a daily basis, and I want to take away one of the items from the never-ending list of to-do’s, to make it easy to do something good for yourself and the ones you love.

the origin of the name:
ūü§ć sunday I come from an italian family where sundays are very special. my¬†family¬†has always gathered¬†over amazing food, football, and fun and these positive feelings are exactly what¬†I want to capture!
ūü§ć vibez my husband and my life motto is¬†positive and good vibes only!¬†I want this motto to shine through the products I share with you!
ūü§ć essentials these are all the products that are essential to me, I love,¬†and I hope you do too!

sunday vibez essentials is a product and reflection of my family and the ones and things I love most.

good vibes
sydney (ellie's mom)