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100% pure bergamot essential oil, made famous in italy, is a fresh delicate scent of sweet citrus with slightly spiced balsamic undertones. bergamot is known for its mood boosting and calming properties and is a great way to enhance sensuality.

these powerful magnesium-rich natural epsom salts, complemented with sea salt, will give you the ultimate body and mind relaxation!

scent: sweet citrusy bergamot
size: 800g
ingredients: magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), sodium chloride (sea salt), citrus bergamia risso et pioteau (bergamot fcf) oil

💚 fill tub with warm water (we suggest 38°c)
💚 add 1/2 cup under running water
💚 get in (clothing is optional *wink*)
💚 now enjoy - you deserve this!

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